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Pro Locksmith Adelaide understands how important it is to have a reliable and trustworthy locksmith at your finger tips. We pride ourselves in being a service you can rely on when an emergency arises or for just your everyday locksmith needs.

We are professionals that specialise in residential, commercial and automotive locks. We have the experience and skills to get the job don’t quickly, efficiently and in the safest possible manner. With our extensive knowledge we give you the expert advice you need to know to keep your love ones or your commercial premises safe and sound.

We specialise in all areas of your locksmith needs:

  • Residential

  • Commercial

  • Auto Transponder Keys

  • 24/7 Emergency

  • Lost or Stolen Keys

  • Professional Key Cutting

  • Transponder Keys

  • Units

  • Schools

  • Government Facilities

  • Master Keys

  • Key Management

  • Wireless Access

  • Roller Door Remotes

  • Screen Door Locks

  • Safes

  • Deadlocks

  • Digital Locks

100% SATISFACTION – Pro Locksmith Adelaide want you to be 100% satisfied. That’s when we know our job has been done right. We are dedicated in providing a service you will be able to recommend to your friends and family. There are amateur companies out there that quickly finish, so they can move to the next job, leaving you with an inferior slapdash result. We pride ourselves in taking the care needed to give you the superior result you expect from professionals. When you are happy and satisfied we know the job is done.

TRUSTED PROFESSIONALS – We work tirelessly to make sure Pro Locksmith Adelaide is a trusted and professional service that delivers high-end, secure, rock solid results. Our locksmiths are not only highly skilled trades professionals, but when it comes to servicing you, they are respectful, courteous, friendly and patient. We understand your home and possessions are very important. That is why the moment we enter your home, we take meticulous care to leave it exactly the way it was, when we first arrived!

RELIABLE AND PROMPT – We respect time as an important commodity and never leave you wondering when we’ll arrive. If we say we are going the be at your home or office then we make sure we’re there! As we know the worst thing is waiting around for an amateur to arrive. When you deal with professionals like Pro locksmith Adelaide then we’re there, on time every time. Especially when an emergency arises! Rest assured we are 24/7 and we’ll be the people who are there for you when you need us!

EFFICIENT AND EXPERIENCED – it takes time and experience to master a craft. And our passion for locks has driven us to be the best in our field. There are thousands of locks and we’ll be able to advice you on the perfect lock for your needs. We don’t just slap any old lock on like others, we take time to find a lock that not only aesthetically matches your decor, but one that secures your home safely the first time. Locks are an amazing invention and as we move into the future they are only getting more exciting. We are the ones to talk to if you want to hear firsthand the amazing new advancements in lock technology.

READY FOR YOUR EMERGENCY – Don’t be surprised if you notice a coffee percolator sitting next to our bed. You bet ya! When we get an emergency call at 3am, we’re ready to roll, we strive to be the first people on site to help you out of your jam! Whether it’s your car, house or commercial premises, we’re here to make it as painless as possible. Our masterful locksmiths know all the tricks to effortlessly and easily get you inside that door. Some customers call us only after they have tried to jimmy, break or force their way inside. This approach leads to not only damage to your property, but a dangerous and deadly situation of broken glass, cuts and debris. We make sure we get you inside safe and sound with zero damage to your property.

SAFETY FIRST – We take safety very seriously! And this is why we are one of the most trusted locksmiths in Adelaide. We plan jobs in advance and work with you, so that any obstacles or problems that arise are handled in a professional safety conscious way. There are many hazards around when our customers require a locksmith. Whether you need our services at home, on the highway or at your corporate premises, we ensure all the work we perform, has safety as our number #1 priority.

LOCKS AND KEYS – our passion for being locksmiths means you get access to professionals, that know everything about every lock available. Whether you want a lock you can open with a code, a key or even your thumb print, we can give you the expert advice you need. There’re locks for brute force, locks for style and locks you use multiple times per day. We excel in planning the best solution for you. When it comes to locksmiths you can trust it’s vital to have professionals that really know there stuff. But it’s even better if you find professionals that are ready to take the time, so you get the perfect locking solutions that are designed just for you.

You can now breathe a sigh of relief and let us take all the stress out of your locksmith needs!:)

Pro Locksmith Adelaide is excited to look after your locks!

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